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About Us

Southern Crafters NC is a family affair for Adam and Rose Andrews and their three children. Founded in 2017 as a way for their family to spend more time together, they quickly found success among local markets and festivals. Southern Crafters focuses on handcrafted soy candles as well as wooden ornaments and keepsakes that capture the essences unique to local communities along Carolina's shores. Avid outdoorsmen and natives of Leland NC, the entire family enjoys spending time in nature from the Outer Banks to Charleston. They can often be found hiking, camping, and fishing in parks on the weekends. Candle scents are often inspired by and voted on by the children on these trips. Rose uses these trips for inspiration to design many of Southern Crafters' signature ornaments reflective of each community's charm while Adam handles production and assembly of the final product. Southern Crafters is also available for commissioned work as well. Whether sentimental, religious, small business, or corporate, we can help. From recreating grandma's secret recipe in her own handwriting on a cutting board for the entire family or creating a special token for your customers, congregation, or family; there's not much we haven't done. Each product we create is inspired by a story or a memory. Whether we're sharing ours or helping you create yours, we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your journey and thank you for being a part of ours.